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Digital Live 18 Now Open for registration with Steve Carroll

With Steve Carroll REA Group

How complex has being a real estate agent become? In addition to selling, you now have to be a digital integrated marketing wizard.

You have to: have a consistent digital profile 

build your personal brand, authority and influence

post engaging Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin stories with tags, hashtags and hyperlinks

have a robust website with the right SEO words

post click bait articles and useful blog posts

profile your local community

direct and produce videos with the right shots and angles, images and words.

Conquer the digital space. Fast track your digital marketing profile and influence.

Book into Digital Live 2018 - Australian real estate’s premier digital marketing and branding program.

Digital Live 2018 is the creation of Steve Carroll, Director of Industry Relations at REA Group. It is a sixmonth training program supported by webinars and personalised scorecards, and gives you access to some of the most digitally dominant coaches in Australia and the world.

The coaches are thought leaders in the digital space.

They are:

Julie Masters - Founder and CEO of Influence Nation. Colin Anstie - Founder and CEO of Raging Digital Val Borbone - CEO of Banter Group Chris Helder- Best selling author and keynote speaker Peter Baines - Founder, Hands Across the Water and Steve Carroll.

Together they will explain how to gain influence and uplift your personal brand. 

Kicking off with live events in: Sydney 19th of August and Brisbane 26th of August, you’ll walk away with:

  1. A complete tool box and skills to build a world class digital footprint that will drive business.
  2. A comprehensive written action plan on how to take your digital footprint to the top 5% in Australia.
  3. Ongoing support from Australia's leading experts to ensure you dominate in digital.
  4. Regular check-ins to keep you on track and hold you accountable to your digital action plan

Places are capped - register now at to ensure you don’t miss out! It’s only $990 to take this opportunity.

All profits from the event will be donated to Hands Across the Water to continue the long-term support of children and their education needs, specifically providing access to technology that they wouldn't have otherwise.

How do you use your presence to be compelling in a presentation?

Some of the wisdom you will walk away with

From Val Borbone

Having a great, up-to-date digital presence is really important for you to have as a professional real estate agent. Consumers these days are really time-poor, so we tend to look toward our digital assets, our social media, our websites, videos that are available to make a decision about what we need to do or who we're going to work with. Customers love to work with people that they like, and your digital presence is all about creating that story for them. You need to get across who you are, what you're like as a person, how you work professionally and what your results are. That short lists you in the customer's eyes and makes our research really easy.

As a Digital Live mentor, I'm going to be looking and creating your digital scorecards. Now that means that I'll be looking at your Facebook account, your Instagram account and also your LinkedIn profile as well as all of your other digital presences. That includes your website and any other profiles that you might have like au. So what I'll be looking for in these profiles is that you've got some consistency around your photography, so nice, professional image. That your profiles are completely up to date and there's a nice story about who you are. That your content is relevant and showcasing exactly what you do and who you are within your industry. Your profile needs to be a wonderful, updated presence so that it can make it easy for customers to find out who you are.

From Julie Masters

The reason that personal branding is vitally important especially now in a digital age, is that human beings follow people. Human beings are engaged by people. Human beings trust other people and all the internet, all the digital world has enabled us to do is follow that most basic instinct. We follow people. We don't follow brands - we follow people. And what that means is, your ability to stand out, to own that space, to be bullet proof, for me to look you up on the internet and be able to know exactly what you do, exactly who you do it for, and exactly why you do it, is going to make the difference between whether you are invited in for a presentation to actually meet someone in person, or whether you're not. That is why having a personal brand is vitally important in a digital age.

The future belongs to those that out-contribute and not those that out-spend their competitors. This is good news for anybody that's new to real estate. We're also going to be talking about captivation, and how you use your presence to be compelling in a presentation. How do you use your body, your voice, and the space around you to be compelling in a video, for example? We're also going to talk about collaboration - how you take all of that and then combine your expertise, your networks with somebody else's in order to amplify it in ways that you couldn't achieve alone.

Finally we are going to be talking about certainty. Certainty being whatever it is that stops you from doing it right now, whatever part of you holds you back, whatever part of you isn't able to currently answer the question: ‘Who do you think you are?’ How to bring certainty to becoming an influencer, and then take it out there and take over your marketplace.



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