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Customer Centric Focused Prospecting, My Appraisals with Christine West

with Christine West, Inspect Real Estate

Enhancing the customer experience and the digital drive are changing the world around us and are having a profound impact on real estate and its users.

A product that really enhances the user experience, and everyone has been talking about, is Inspect Real Estate’s (IRE) online booking system that allows prospective tenants, and now buyers, to automatically book inspections online for rental properties or properties for sale. It works on both Apple and Android and is a very powerful field device.

Customers love it because of rapid response times - and agents and property managers love it too because it makes their day as efficient as possible, helping them to grow their business and providing the ability to give value added service. It also enhances the workplace experience and improves staff’s wellness and wellbeing.

The IRE online booking system has been designed to be easy to use and a working product for an agent on the road. Recently, Andrew Rechtman, Executive General Manager for, said, “Since integrating the (IRE) feature into our rental listings last year, we’ve already seen more than 915,000 inspections booked by prospective tenants.”

IRE has a number of features which means you can so easily conduct outstanding customer-centric prospecting. For example, when a client goes onto realestate., locates a property, hits the email agent button, fills out the fields and hits submit, that email will turn up in your inbox. IRE will also capture the enquiry and then respond on your behalf by emailing information or a web book to the client. All responses look like they come directly from the agent. This level and speed of service creates great listing opportunities because you respond faster than your competition. You’ve given the client full photos, a contract and a video of the property, all the while building rapport and encouraging the client to actually want to see it. This is focused prospecting, rather than a computer just sending useless, irrelevant information. Importantly, the IRE online booking system also makes your day as efficient as possible. It allows you to see a dashboard of the week ahead and what appointments have been made for your properties. You can easily see all your listings – the stock list, all the vendors you are looking after. For any enquiries that come in off your properties that are on and, you can attach people of interest to those particular properties. As you're gathering data of all the consumers around your area, you can also specify on that record, on your app, or on the screen, as it's responsive technology, that they are a potential seller, buyer seller, an investor - and you can rate them. Are they hot, or cold? Thus you can capture data before moving it onto your CRM system.

Further, if a client is in the system, they can just click on a link, register for that house, and you can stack the appointment so that ten or fifteen people will come through at once. You can also link buyers so if a woman comes through an inspection and told her husband how great the property is and then he goes through and she is in the database, you have the ability to link the two buyers together, so you know you're dealing with a couple, rather than two individuals.

It gives you flexibility too – you choose if you prefer to do an open or a hybrid model of opens and private appointments. It basically makes your life a whole lot easier as it integrates so easily into Complete Data and other software applications. In a really exciting development, Real Estate Academy has partnered with IRE and has been working on a new feature for IRE - My Appraisals.

My Appraisals will allow agents to nominate all the potential sellers in the database to send out a text, or an email to a group of people, which may say, for example, ‘Dear Christine, Great to meet you at 26 Fallows Road. We mentioned the opportunity of having a look at your own place. Feel free to book direct into my calendar for an appraisal time that would suit you’. From that text or email, the client will be able to hit Bookings and then all the appraisal times that you have throughout the week will be displayed. You will get a text message saying, ‘You have seven appraisals booked in within the next two weeks’ - yet another feature which will help your lead conversion.

As customers demand a better customer experience, the industry must forge ahead and use technology to integrate and improve the customer experience with real estate as well as create a more favourable working environment for people working in the industry. This is the time to digitise your processes and platforms to meet the expectations of

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"This is the time to digitise your processes and platforms to meet the expectations of today."

InspectRealEstate (IRE) is a customised, agent-branded, online booking system that allows prospective tenants (or buyers) to automatically book inspections online for rental properties (or properties for sale). IRE is currently being used by over 600 industry leaders across Australia. In August, Inspect Real Estate’s enquiry counter flew past the 15,000,000 mark. Every week IRE handles on average over 160,000 enquiries and books over 90,000 property seekers into inspections. This allows less stressed property professionals in sales and property management across Australasia to focus on making their businesses unique. IRE gives tenants and buyers the ability to confirm OFIs automatically. Agents have the power to send out a message once a new OFI time has been set. It’s easy to use. You can funnel and process large volumes of enquiries in just a few clicks. It easily links back to your CRM system to build your database It gives you the functionality to report back to your Principal, Property Manager or Vendor with real time data. You can create your ‘ideal week’ providing you the power to nominate inspection times when you want them around your calendar.



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