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Creative Technologies Making Great Videos Quickly

With Paul Gal, Campaigntrack

Engagement through video is on everybody's mind. However, getting video done can be a challenge. You can’t drive around with a sharp and clever camera crew in the back of the car all the time.

The Brookvale based company, Campaigntrack specialises in market-leading real estate video production, creating highimpact, high-quality video solutions for real estate agents. They have come up with a dynamic and easy to use solution so you can get your properties seen on all social media channels.

They’ve developed a new product that will help you get into the video business - quickly, simply and at an affordable cost.

The fantastic new product is called ‘Social Video Lite’. Breaking down the process into easy to follow steps, Social Video Lite helps agents produce videos for marketing and campaigns.

It’s incredibly easy to use. Paul Gal, the Content Studio Director for the product explains that the first thing you have to do is to become a member or user and login into Campaigntrack. Then go to campaigns. Create or select a campaign which can be created from your CRM feed.

Once you have done that, upload photos from the bottom of the screen, if they haven’t been uploaded already. Select the Social Video Lite product. Simply put in the date and then add to campaign and you are off!

You then go to the content studio task list and choose what you want for background music and captions. Choose music from a selection of royalty free music and then select the order of your images. You can select a maximum for 10 photos. Each image will screen for four seconds. Start with the front shot and then tell the story of the property with the remaining images. Finish with a shot of the agent.

You must then caption the images – you have a maximum of 45 characters and you can position the caption boxes to work in the best way possible with the image. When you get to your final image, ensure you have a call to action so type in the agent’s details.

Paul says, “In the past, Campaigntrack has released similar products to this and what we found is agents wanted to control where the caption sits to ensure that it's not taking away the story of the image. Go through just like you would for the select and select the location for the caption boxes."

He adds, “If you don't want to go through and select the caption box locations, our editors will do it for you and they'll pick a location which they think is best suited to the image. Once that's done, save and approve. We have terms and conditions coming up saying, ‘No changes will be made from this point. Are you sure you wish to continue?’."

Once you hit the okay button, your video will go into production and it will arrive in your Campaigntrack inbox the next morning. It’s that simple. Paul says, “The moment you hit submit or you submit the order, you'll have it the following morning. In the next three or six months, it'll be within a matter of minutes."

The investment for this service is $25 and these kind of videos are watched and can improve your rankings on search engines. Paul says, “It's a pretty great price for the product. The data that we've got from YouTube and YouTube Analytics is that people watch this the whole way through."

You can add a video to the email you send to notify your database of a new listing. You can put it up on YouTube and Facebook. Paul says, “With YouTube SEOs, how they work is the more times a video is visited, your rankings will increase on all the Google algorithms.” He adds, “If you have a solid Facebook business page with quite a few followers - upload the video through that and spend $50 on boosting it. We have found similar videos like this are getting three to four thousand views on Facebook with only a $50 spend."

In terms of size, Paul says, “We understood that the customers would want to post this on the relevant portals and also on social media websites so we've kept the file size to under 50 megabytes. Generally, we're seeing about 35 megabytes and that gives you very quick download and a quick upload through Instagram and Facebook."

Don’t delay! Contact Campaigntrack at https:// to get yourself in the video business.


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