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Connecting potentials to principals with Tim O'Brien

People who work in real estate tend to be on the move and this generation is unlike any other. On average, employees generally only stay for three or four years with one employer. Recruitment, therefore is a constant ongoing and pressing issue for the industry.

Furthermore, these days, employers are demanding more from their recruitment service. If they are going to seek the assistance of a recruitment company, they want a company that can add value to the process.

As Lee Woodward, CEO of Real Estate Academy (REA) explains, “We had no idea when we launched Get a Job in Real Estate of the need that it would fufill and the giant it would become. It is a unique site because it comes from a company that adds value for principals and jobseekers. Through Get a Job in Real Estate, we can share our expertise in the benchmarks and professional standards for business development, management and recruitment within the real estate industry.”

To cater to the rising demand for the service, therefore, Real Estate Academy has decided to power into this space to connect potentials to principals and has partnered with online recruitment specialists Jobs on the Coast to expand the site.

Tim O'Brien, CEO of Jobs on the Coast believes that the, “relaunch of is a huge opportunity for us to provide high quality applicants and new employees to real estate principals all around Australia.”

Tim says, “Days of being able to provide recruitment services where you charge a percentage of a salary, or a percentage of on target earnings, and simply advertise a job and don't provide significant value, are gone. I think that a lot of professionals in the recruitment industry are now re-looking at their business model to see how they can best evolve and add sufficient value to businesses and employers out there.”

In addition, unlike previous generations people are on the move. Tim says, “If you look at somebody's career spanning 30 or 40 years, there's going to be a number of changes and it's really important to provide a high level of service to people at that crucial time. Even if you're not able to provide the ultimate solution of finding them their next opportunity, you can give them a lot of useful information and resources that help them along the way.”

The beauty of a site like is that it puts more power and control in the hands of the employer or the real estate principal. If a principal only needs limited support because they've got resources in house that they can utilise, then getajobinrealestate. can help but if the principal is exceptionally busy and would rather outsource the whole end-toend process then can assist as well.

Unlike other recruitment sites, getajobinrealestate. has training materials and modules on the site that potentials can go through. Clients can see the benchmarks and the expected level of professionalism. Tim says, “Get a Job in Real Estate is able provide those resources that are available from Real Estate Academy, and we'll obviously be able to work with principals to ensure that those resources are part of their selection process, and make those really accessible to the job seekers.”

In addition to focusing on the needs of principals, the site also appeals to jobseekers. As Tim explains, “We place a higher degree of importance on our customer service to job seekers. I think it's often a big criticism out there in recruitment generally, that if you're looking for a job, you're often treated as a second-class citizen by recruitment agencies and employment providers. We actually see the service to those potential employees and those job seekers as being really really important. It will be at a really high level.”

What will you see when you logon?

It’s a very simple site to use. There are three tabs across the top. 1. Real estate jobs.

2. Search for employees. This is a free service where a client can click on anyone who's registered themselves, who's looking for a certain area or a certain position.

3. Training. This is one feature that makes the site unique. With content supplied by Real Estate Academy, a potential staff member can, for example, click on the tab and complete REA’s Module of Get a Job in Real Estate free of charge.

How does it work?

As an employer, you can actually register free of charge. Once you register, there will be a range of resources and information made available to you. You can then view the bank of potential employees who are putting themselves in the marketplace for a new career in real estate.

You are given your own secure login and password. Once you login to the site you go into your employer dashboard, which is an area of the site that shows you any jobs that you've published in the past and any current listings. You can edit the content of your jobs, take them down or republish them. It really puts the power in your hands, and it's all very very straightforward and easy to use. Get a Job in Real Estate recognises that everybody's time poor, so it tries to make this as efficient as possible.

Catering for you

How little or how much you use this service is up to you. Tim says, “We can provide a little or a lot of assistance. We can provide support in the early stages to really get that clear before you embark on the time and the expense of going about a recruitment exercise. If you'd like help with screening applicants, looking at how you're going to make that ultimate hiring decision, then we can provide those options for you as well.”

Tim adds, “We also have a pick and mix service where we can work with the real estate principal to see exactly what services they need. A really important part of that is working out from your candidates what is going to be essential. What are the essential skills and attributes that you require, and what are those ‘nice to have’ desirable areas? Quite often we find people will go through the recruitment process and they get to the end, and they haven't actually worked out how they're ultimately going to make that hiring decision.”

Recruitment just got a whole lot easier! For more information contact info@getajobinrealestate. or visit  

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