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Complete Data is ready for inspection with Lee Woodward

Lee Woodward does not keep secrets. He is on a mission to share everything he knows about how to succeed in real estate. He talks with all the best agents in Australia - Amber Werchon, Dane Atherton, Danny Grant and the like - and builds their best practice and experience into his training systems.

A key part of his organisation, Complete Data contains all that knowledge and best practice. Everything you need to know and do to do well in real estate is contained in the program. This is what makes it unique. It is not just a marketing tool. As Cristian Orrego, the Business Development Manager for Real Estate Academy says, "Complete Data is a prospecting system that bolts into a sales model."

Software can never stand still, it has to look to the future, so Real Estate Academy (REA) is very excited to announce that Complete Data has been rebuilt from the ground up. It has a more streamlined, crisp, clear and fresh interface, and is more concentrated and user friendly. Cristian says, "The new Complete Data has a lot more functionality and, unlike similar products, it won’t just capture data from an Open Home for example; that information will go into your centralised prospecting system database."

And that’s the killer. Complete Data will not only save you time but prompt you to act the way that the leaders in the industry act. Their work practices are built into Complete Data. A successful career in real estate is founded on creating an army of advocates and Complete Data has all the tools you need to build a community of people who will refer you over and over again.

Complete Data lets you easily connect with more people, more often, in more meaningful ways. It is mobile friendly - you can use it on the road. In real estate sales, most of the work is done out of the office. So whether you’re door knocking to drive opportunity into your business, conducting an appraisal, an Open House or visiting your vendors, everything you need is right there in the palm of your hand.

Complete Data also puts everything in reach; the software merges all communications into a simple ‘Select and Send’ system for maximum, targeted and timely reach. Complete Data’s customised 'push technology' also allows you to communicate directly to all your frontend consumer web portals and press agencies making property marketing and advertising a breeze Further, Complete Data is connected

to every letter, email and SMS template produced by REA via their optional navigational App. In an industry first, the App is downloadable on any mobile Apple device to deliver instant anywhere, anytime access to every customisable marketing or communication piece you could ever need. The App is available to REA members.

Ultimately, Complete Data is an integral part of the real estate community and the most powerful end-to-end interface. Connects people to properties In real estate sales, we’re in the business of connecting people to property. Complete Data allows you to categorise all the properties in your area so you can determine which residents to connect with and how best to connect with them. For instance, in any given area you will find owners, tenants and landlords. All three are potential property buyers and owners, and landlords are potential sellers. By categorising the dwellings in your service area, you will hold the key to connecting with the right people in the right way. Increasing the number of categorised contacts leads to more appraisals, which ultimately leads to more listings and sales.

Follows Lee Woodward’s Visual Business Framework©

You are not alone. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Complete Data shows you what you have two do to do well in real estate. Complete Data is structured around the cyclical journey of your relationship with a prospect / contact from START to LISTED to SOLD. All you have to do is input the information and Complete Data will show you what to do next. Complete Data brings visual clarity to the real estate process.

Lee Woodward’s Visual Business Framework© (VBF) is embedded in Complete Data. Complete Data contains all the cues, processes, systems and services required to produce winning results in your business. It visually highlights every component, action and process that makes up the journey in an easy to follow format. Complete Data has been structured to mirror this natural flow perfectly, making it easy to connect with more people, more often, in the right way. After all, your aim through database communication is to deliver exceptional service to increase the number of advocates in your service area. Allows you to see the truth You can’t go forward unless you know how you are performing. The Complete Data Performance screens allow you to instantly see: Live results The number of appraisals / listings versus the targets for each Recent sales, including the days on market, the method of sale, the price achieved versus the asking price and the team responsible for the sale. Following extensive and thorough research, design and testing, Complete Data now includes a Digital Business Plan which is automatically linked to all the relevant data stored within the system. Complete Data’s Digital Business Plan includes the key drivers and game changers of your business, such as: Your prospecting and listing strategy The buyers you work with Your vendor management strategy Makes you accountable For each month of the year, you can see at a glance: The number of appraisals you’ve done The number of listings won Your Opportunity Ratio The number of sales made Your exchanged dollars Your settled dollars Your expenses, and most importantly The profit you’ve made. Unlike a generic software company, Complete Data is designed, owned and managed by the real estate industry experts, Real Estate Academy. Complete Data: Is supported locally Is delivered locally Is completely customisable Mirrors the way an agent works and people think and behave when they’re looking to buy and sell Mirrors industry best practice Seamlessly connects to essential marketing and communication tools Interconnects with other REA flagship products and tools such as The Complete Salesperson Course, management and leadership training and the Complete Data Prospecting School. To arrange a demonstration call 1300 367 412.  

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