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Complete Data for iphone boosts productivity, Cathy Harris

Real estate agents spend so much time on the road, so Real Estate Academy has developed the Complete Data iPhone program to save time and increase productivity.

Complete Data Business Manager Cathy Harris said fi ve databases - contacts, listings, inspections, scheduled tasks and service area – were available on the iPhone application, with information syncing directly with the Complete Data system on the agent’s offi ce computer. “It’s like a mini Complete Date screen on the iPhone,” Ms Harris explained. “The same functionalities you’ll be used to using with Complete Data are on the iPhone.”

The fi rst to market with this iPhone technology, Complete Data is written in Apple’s FileMaker, meaning it was developed as an iPhone application, not a program that accesses a web browser on the phone. “If you needed to contact someone via phone or SMS you simply click on the mobile icon on the screen and it gives you the ability to either phone that number or SMS straight from the database,” Ms Harris explained, saying the same functionality also applied to email contact.

Contact records can be modifi ed or found on the iPhone version using the same data entry screens as the standard Complete Data system, which ensures records are kept up to date. “The beauty of it is that you have so much information against each record - notes, suburbs, price range, how many bedrooms, everything that they’re looking for at a quick glance, so you can capture everything whilst you are out on the road, no more paper,” she said.

An agent can meet a prospective buyer at a property inspection, and load their contact information and notes about the inspection directly into Complete Data on their iPhone, instead of using a notepad and then updating it once they get back to the offi ce. “When you come back into Complete Data you’ve got a new contact record from that buyer who has just come through the open, plus the inspection is noted against their record, which will automatically sync back to the listing.”

Aside from the ease of use on site, the Complete Data iPhone application enables agents to enter data live from the fi eld, saving double handling of information and helping to utilise their time between appointments more effectively. The Scheduled Tasks database means they can catch up on work in a coffee shop without having to go back to the offi ce. “You can make a phone call straight from the system and mark that off as completed. While you’ve got that time out on the road, you can be going through all your to dos and scheduled tasks. Having Complete Data on hand is where you can save a lot of time in the long run,” Ms Harris said.

The Listings database allows agents to store information about each property, such as price, number of bedrooms and land size. Service Area allows them to update information on properties for sale as they drive past. “You can actually take note of the properties that have come on the market on your iPhone. You can take a photo of the house so when you come back to Complete Data you automatically have that photo to sync against that property, which is brilliant for printing off your CMA reports,” Ms Harris explained.

Complete Data for iPhone is $495. Previous Complete Data Plus users have to upgrade to the latest system in order to install the iPhone module. For full details contact Cathy Harris on 1300 367 412

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