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Common Fee Objections by lee Woodward

Will you match it? Let’s tackle this issue head on with the all important fee debate.

SANDY: Lee, I appreciate everything you’ve said today but the other agent has offered me a lesser fee. Are you going to be prepared to match that?

LEE: Sandy, that’s a really important issue and I’m glad that you’ve raised it. This is something we should talk about right now. But just putting the fees aside for one brief moment; if we can agree on some terms that you’re comfortable with this evening, would you be happy to move forward tonight?

SANDY: Yeah, I suppose so.

LEE: Well, let’s look at the other company. Why do you think they’ve offered you a cheaper rate?

SANDY: Because they are being competitive.

LEE: They certainly want to win your business and so do I, but I’d like to achieve that by being the better agent, not the perceived cheapest deal. You see Sandy, we’re very much aware of what the agency charges but what is also quite interesting is that they’re also very aware of what we charge, so I suppose the question is Sandy – why is it you think they don’t choose to match our fee?

SANDY: I have no idea. I don’t know.

LEE: The reason is, to match it they’d really have to match it. They’d have to match us on the level of marketing that we provide, the level of service that we provide but most importantly, they’d have to match my ability as a professional negotiator. Now if they can’t offer you all of those things, their only option is to offer you a cheap rate, yet your objective is to leave here with as much money as you possibly can. Now that’s only going to be achieved by engaging the best possible agent, not the cheapest deal. I am not asking you for any money for my services tonight, just the opportunity to show you what I can do.

If my property doesn’t sell, do we still pay for the advertising?

Ken, you do because at the end of the day, the advertising companies are totally separate to us and regardless of the outcome, they still need to be paid for their professional services such as copywriting and photography. I notice you’ve had the outside of your house painted recently. Imagine if you asked the painter to refund your money for his services if the property didn’t sell. Do you think that would be fair? I, on the other hand, don’t get paid for my services if your house doesn’t sell.

If my property sells quickly, do I get a discount?

Sandy, I can understand you wondering that, however quite often I have been working with the buyer who purchases your home for many weeks or even months. It takes time to build up the rapport that I have developed with many of my buyers and that’s how I am often able to achieve great results in a relatively short period of time.

Will I have the opportunity to include other agents?

Sandy, we will be the exclusive agent looking after you, but if another agent rings and tells you he or she has a buyer for your property, by all means ask that agent to give me a call and refer that buyer on to me.

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