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Certified training that allows people to test the water with Andy Brownhill

With Andy Brownhill Real Estate Academy

Accredited training with hefty upfront fees that leave students disappointed on entry is topical news at present. However Real Estate Academy has turned the idea of gaining accredited industry training on its head. REA has just launched an interactive multimedia online learning system containing all the training requirements for certification in NSW together with bonus information at no up front cost to the student.

REA’s new Certificate of Registration Course (NSW) allows students to work through the entire course and complete all assessment tasks without paying a cent upfront before deciding whether or not they wish to commit. They are only charged a one-off fee of $695 if they decide they wish to be formally assessed for competency. The training also includes bonus audio, video and other resources to provide the ‘streetstyle’ practical training and insights students don’t have access to elsewhere and for which REA is renowned.

If after working through the course a student decides they would like to be formally assessed for competency in order to become qualified to work in real estate, they are charged a one-off fee of $695. If successful, learners will receive a Statement of Attainment from Registered Training Organisation, MRT Training (RTO ID: 41529), who have partnered with REA to deliver this unique way of gaining accreditation. The Statement of Attainment enables the graduate to apply for the NSW Certificate of Registration through NSW Fair Trading, the prerequisite for working in real estate in NSW. If on the other hand the student decides that real estate is not the right career choice for them before they are formally assessed, they are free to walk away without having incurred any costs.

CEO and Creative Director of Real Estate Academy Lee Woodward said, “It has long been my passion to see good people enter the industry. And I know from speaking to agency principals that finding good people is one of the key problems they face. Traditionally people would go to TAFE or enrol in some other accredited course, pay the fee upfront, complete the course and then, whether or not the student completes the course successfully (or even completes it at all), they have invested the funds only to find that real estate may not be for them after all. Like most careers, it will suit some but not others. Our course allows people to test the waters without paying a cent. It is only if and when they decide they would like to pursue a career in real estate that any money exchanges hands."

To gain access to the complete course, people simply text the word ‘CAREER’ to a virtual number and a link is sent to them immediately, which is their gateway to the entire course.

REA’s new online Certificate of Registration Course is accessed using the latest Intelli Messaging Auto Content Delivery service (also known as ‘Robot Marketing’ when used in a marketing context).

The Auto Content Delivery service is featured in Lee Woodward’s latest book, FRAMEWORKS – foundations & systems for success in real estate sales and has been taking the industry by storm as an inbound lead generation and listing conversion tool since its release earlier this year.

Unlike other Certificate of Registration courses, Real Estate Academy’s course includes additional resources students are not assessed on, but which are designed to give them practical indepth knowledge to hit the ground running from day one in their new job. There are audio interviews between Lee Woodward and John McGrath (founder and Executive Director, McGrath Real Estate) covering everything from prospecting and listing techniques to negotiation; an audio program called ‘Just Calls’, which, just as the name implies, highlights the techniques some of the industry’s top agents use when speaking with prospects, clients and buyers on the phone; and a real life video listing presentation conducted by one of the top listers in the country.

“Our aim in adding the bonus content to the course was to give real estate career prospects the full picture,” said Lee. “It shows them that real estate isn’t about driving fancy cars and selling houses. It’s about people and helping them achieve one of the most important goals in their lives.”

Most people automatically think of sales when considering a career in real estate. But there are a number of potential career paths within the industry. In addition to residential sales, there are opportunities to work in commercial sales, marketing, administrative and IT roles, and property management. But one thing they all need before entry in NSW is the Certificate of Registration. Real Estate Academy’s Certificate of Registration Course not only qualifies them for all those potential roles, but also allows them to be sure about their choice. “Finally agency principals can feel confident knowing they are recruiting someone who not only has the required qualification, but has shown they genuinely want to pursue a career in real estate,” said Lee. “And now if someone walks in off the street expressing an interest in real estate, you can direct them to the online course simply by giving them the virtual number and the key word to text on their mobile phone.”

To have a look at the course, text the word ‘CAREER’ to 0416 906 800. Alternatively contact Real Estate Academy on 1300 367 412 or visit to learn more.


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