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Bringing it all together through the framework

With Lindy Harris One Agency

Lindy Harris has alwa ys been serious about her business. One Agency Lindy Harris is the premier agency in Singleton in country New South Wales and she is determined to maintain that position. Lindy sa ys, “Our objective is to create clients for life. The way we do that is to pr ovide incredible customer service and dedicate ourselv es to the Singleton community.

At every moment we must deliv er outstanding, top-notch customer ser vice because that it what k eeps customers coming back. If we don ’t look after our clients, we won ’t get repeat business and referrals and our business will not sur vive."

In a one on one coaching session with Lee, she went through Lee’s Complete Working Plan and Business Framework and realised it was the systematic approach she needed. Lindy says. “I feel the Business Framework is the best system for me. This Framework gives our staff the greatest chance to succeed in real estate."

Adapted to reflect her business practice, the Framework outlines the core focuses of the business and makes it clear how Lindy wants each staff member to work and function. It is a complete professional development program, that covers lead generation, lead conversion and client fulfilment and includes the 10 milestones and multiple actions that must be completed in order to succeed in real estate.

Overview of the One Agency Lindy Harris Business Framework

The Framework starts with an overview of the business' core functions.

To make the sales cycle work - we swim in three lanes. This is what we do.

We swim up and down these lanes day in, day out, year upon year. The three lanes are Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Client Fulfilment.

The Framework then outlines how Lindy would like the staff in her office to approach every aspect of each core function.

1. Lane One - Lead Generation

  • Capture.
  • Send.

We capture data so we can send information to clients to create relationships with them. Our objective is to secure buyer appointments and appraisals.

In your daily work as a real estate agent you will have many opportunities to capture data. Seize them!

2. Lane Two - Lead Conversion

  • Connect.
  • Convert.
  • Present.
  • Compete.

Once we make a connection with clients and convert them we undertake appraisals and listing presentations. Our objective is to win business on the night, or the day but if not, Lindy or the company competes for the business. If we win that business the property is then listed.

3. Lane Three - Client fulfilment.

  • Listed.
  • Selling.
  • Sold.
  • Retain.


Once a listing has been secured, we then go into the selling process and conduct open for inspections and auctions or private sales. The property is then sold and we work very hard throughout the whole process to ensure that we are retained by the purchaser to be his or her agent of choice. We want those people to choose us and be advocates for us, for life.

Lindy’s Framework then goes through each core activity in detail, explaining how she would like her staff to approach each aspect. For example in Lead Generation, Capture she has identified how she would like each staff member to capture data:

a) Open for Inspections

This is an opportunity to capture critical information from potential purchasers who will one day become buyers.

What we expect.

Turn up at least 15 minutes early.

Prepare the home. Walk through, start at the front door and pretend I'm a buyer and think about how I would want the property to look. Open blinds. Turn the lights on. Make sure it's exactly how I would want it to look if I was coming to have a look at the property.

Be on point.

Look good, smile, Greet potential purchasers at the front door. Be natural, polite, look them in the eye and be yourself. Capture: Name. Address. Phone numbers. Emails. Text the potential purchaser a message and a link to a Web Book of the property.

b) Referrals

When someone says, "You've got to ring Lindy Harris, she sold my friend's house. They loved her, she did a great job" - they sell you on your behalf and save you months of prospecting. Any referral we get to the business is gold. Once you get a referral you know that you'll automatically get the listing as well. It represents hours of work you don’t have to do – so we love, honour and acknowledge them.

Anyone that refers myself - or my business - will be sent a card or flowers.

All referrals must be acknowledged with a gesture of goodwill.

c) Facebook

Facebook is our contemporary mailbox. We use Facebook a lot. We have our own One Agency Lindy Harris Facebook page. We use it for community engagement, we run competitions through it and we use it for referrals. Our customers post testimonials on it too – which are very powerful. All our listings go through Rate My Agent and are then automatically placed onto our Facebook page.

Lindy knows that people buy from the brand, and now armed with her One Agency Lindy Harris Business Framework, she can be assured that every client will be gifted with the Lindy Harris customer service experience.

The Lindy Harris Mindset

Our agency is top shelf. We have a sense of urgency around everything we do. We cannot conquer the world by ourselves. We all have to work hard and work together. It is truly a team effort. Our model doesn’t work if only one agent works hard. I have high expectations of myself and all of our staff and I expect you to go the extra mile. We are committed to servicing our client. I believe that if you have a strong work ethic and deliver what you promise, you will excel in the industry. Our clients commit to us when they entrust us with the sale of their property. We take that gesture of trust very, very seriously. My reputation and integrity is on the line. I will not tolerate people not returning people's calls or getting back to them. You must always work with a sense of urgency because if you tell someone that you're going to get back to them that day, then you do.





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