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Brian White 2am club winter 2015

It’s 2AM! How do you create a group conference that excites all our members that this will be unforgettable and enhance every career?

With the thousands of people coming, some from as far away as the Middle East and China, and covering disciplines from major commercial sales, all elements of residential property and hundreds of mortgage brokers! Not to forget hotel brokers, rural operators, specialist Projects’ professionals and more.

First - let’s get the title right. Why not “Connect”? Surely a massive advantage in being part of Australasia’s biggest group must be the interaction of everyone that leads to the participation in the additional income opportunities now offered by the breadth of activities across the group.

Could it be that the best reason to be in a huge group comes from being able to offer more services and, therefore, more potential business to the people we deal with every day?

Is this the vision for the future? No longer, just a narrow range of ambitions, but increasing confidence we can provide broader services to the people with whom we have formed a relationship of respect and with whom we can deepen our business opportunities.

Okay, we must have fantastic keynote speakers. They must inspire and challenge. But, at the end of the event, everyone must have confidence that their own personal careers have just been inspired with much greater potential.

(It’s now midday. Our Connect event is on the Gold Coast 2-4 August 2015. You little beauty. I believe we’ve nailed the agenda!)


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