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Benefits of online owner and tenant platforms

by Sarah Dawson, Head of Real Estate Sales, Rockend

All real estate professionals can attest to the sheer volume of paper involved in property management! Each property has statements, maintenance invoices and inspections paperwork, which all need communicating to the owners and tenants. How many phone calls do you receive daily from owners or tenants who have misplaced their statements or invoices? The time spent locating and resending this documentation quickly adds up. Providing your clients with online access to their property documentation and information can help your business save time and improve your customer service offering.

Point of Difference

Property management software solutions, such as REST Professional and PropertyTree, provide agencies with online platforms to display their owner and tenant information. From here your owners and tenants can log on to the platform through your agency's website. These platforms can be a huge selling tool for your agency as they provide your clients with additional services and information, whilst also reducing your workload. Using this online tool can help to increase your business’ capacity by providing information to your owners and tenants as they wish. The time you save by using this system will provide you with greater efficiencies for the business and higher customer service levels which in turn, means higher customer service satisfaction.

Time Saving

How much time would your business save if you eliminated phone calls from owners and tenants? Using these platforms can save you hours of work per week. Agencies using such platforms have seen an enormous reduction in the number of calls and emails to the office, allowing their staff to pursue other areas of work such as business development. This provides you with greater efficiency for the business and higher customer service levels, meaning higher customer service satisfaction. The amount of time saved across your business will give your staff the ability to provide a greater level of service to customers.

Communication Platform

Real estate is known for being consistently busy at all times. As your portfolio grows, the amount of documentation you manage steadily increases as well. Giving information to owners and tenants may be seen as a daunting task but the benefits far outweigh the negatives, and the information is a powerful tool for your clients. From this platform they can log in, and view statements, invoices, maintenance work and upcoming inspections. All property managers will have experienced the influx of phone calls during the end of financial year, as people start compiling their tax returns. This can be a thing of the past as owners and tenants can download documents from the portal, making for an efficient and stress-free tax time for you and them!

If you are serious about growing your business, and are keen to automate mundane non-dollar productive activities, online access will put your business in good stead for future development. See how owner and tenant platforms can benefit your business today.


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