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Automating Thankless Tasks, Property safe

In a rapidly changing world the software tools used by Agents to effectively manage their business, reduce risk, create efficiencies and obtain real time reporting, must keep pace with the expectations and demands on the industry.

Notwithstanding the changes occurring in the technological world and people’s want for more immediate and real time information, there are some consistencies in the property management world that don’t change:

  1. Property management is a people business
  2. The value of any rent-roll is the relationships you create
  3. Landlords and tenants want to be kept informed
  4. As sure as night turns to day, maintenance tasks and repairs in rented properties will continue.

In all real estate businesses, margins are tight and risk exposure is high, so software solutions must adapt to provide increased levels of efficiency, automation and immediate ‘real time’ reporting.

Managing maintenance and repairs in landlords’ properties is a thankless task that takes up too much of a property manger’s day, and most property managers simply don’t enjoy the work.

Enter ‘Maintenance Manager’, the only complete cloud-based, fully mobile, easy to use software solution that significantly reduces the time you and your team will spend managing maintenance tasks.

Maintenance Manager is a robust communication platform that provides automated follow-up and reminders to landlords, tenants, strata managers and all of your trade suppliers, saving tremendous amounts of time and creating automated audit trails of every action and email, SMS or letter sent.

Knowing you can capture every maintenance task easily via a Tenant App or direct lodgement into the software and ensuring nothing ever slips through the cracks, provides property managers a level of comfort never before available in traditional software.

“We rarely meet a property manager who loves handling maintenance jobs and chasing people up for answers, and all agree it takes up too much time in their day, so when we show a team how they can easily handle 20 – 30 minute jobs in under three minutes, there is a level of excitement in the air!” said Andrew Cox, the National Marketing Manager for PropertySafe (the creators of the Maintenance Manager platform).

Ray White Bateau Bay Business Development Manager, Jonathan McCaig, said the following, “Having real time 24/7 access on any mobile device to the status of any job in the system and the creation of comprehensive ‘one click’ audit trails, provides both convenience and a significant risk mitigation tool for any managing agent.

For more information and videos on Maintenance Manager see or call the PropertySafe team on 1300 155 888.

Maintenance Manager - enables you to focus on thankful by managing the thankless.

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Automating Thankless Tasks, Property safe