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Are you looking to internally benchmark your property managers?

By Justin Cardillo, Intelli Messaging

Attn. Principals and Senior Property Managers

One of the best applications of the ‘IntelliNPS’ (Net Promoter Score) technology within the Property Management sector has been to get real feedback from tenants and landlord... fast.

This enables Principals and Senior Property Managers to monitor the ‘health’ ($) and ‘stability’ of their rent roll.

While this represents an extremely important ongoing use of NPS surveys, the ability for Principals and Senior Property Managers to internally benchmark Property Managers using ‘IntelliNPS’, takes property management performance metrics to a whole new level.

Evaluating a PM’s individual NPS score or ‘rating’ is vital to maintaining internal standards, representing the simplest and easiest way of benchmarking your PM team.

Once implemented, ‘IntelliNPS’ performance metrics may then be used for commission structures, promotions and other incentive programs.

Access to meaningful feedback (via ‘IntelliNPS’ surveys) can also give you an understanding of your client needs, motivation, attitudes and behavioural drivers, enabling you to rapidly implement strategies for continued improvement across the board. 'Intelli's' new NPS software is leveraging SMS Technology to rapidly improve both response rates (6x more than email) and response times (within minutes) to give you the edge in knowing how your customers perceive your service.

If protecting the health of your rent roll and motivating your property management team is important to your business, then commence a trial of ‘IntelliNPS’ technology.

IntelliNPS is SMS based Net Promoter Score technology designed for property management.

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