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Agentpoint, Time Consuming Vendor Communication

As an agent you can spend considerable time updating vendors in relation to the sale of their property. To date, there's no technology available which bridges the gap between agent and vendor allowing you to efficiently keep vendors informed about the sale process.

This communication with vendors can often be trivial and cumbersome but is essential in maintaining happy vendors. At a recent Complete Data brainstorming session, we devised a solution that will allow you to successfully communicate and share the sales experience with your vendors.

The solution is centred around you running your own individual agent blog. This blog will showcase your current listings, sold listings, testimonials, videos and news content (with all information feeding through from Complete Data).

Each property in your blog will include a secure section only accessible by the vendor and yourself.

This forum-like secure page will auto populate with actions and events that you add into Complete Data. This could include open times, open attendees, contracts handed out, email follow ups, advertising schedules and enquiries, creating a timeline of past and future events relating to the property sale.

The vendor has access to this timeline through the internet providing a real-time status report for their sales campaign.

This Vendor Communication (VC) technology will save you valuable time that you currently spend answering vendor phone calls and emails. Individual agent blogs which sync with Complete Data are now available through Agentpoint, with the new VC technology being launched in January 2012.

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