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Agentpoint, Building your personal brand

You would have heard the saying before "people buy off people not companies" and the same can be said when vendors are looking to select an agent to sell their property. So as an individual real estate agent, how do you make sure you're building your own personal brand and leveraging this to its full potential?

Most real estate agencies will provide you with the tools to promote yourself through their technologies but they infrequently provide tools to build your own brand. If you look around, you'll see that innovative agents also use other avenues including personal blogs and social networks to compliment what their agency provides. A personal blog can easily be setup using Wordpress or Blogger software, with the site url being your name eg Blogs are a great way to reach your existing database and allow you to build an online community. Your database can be automatically notified when you post new content to your blog directing them back to the blog where they can engage in discussions. You can then create 3 basic social network accounts including a Facebook business page, Twitter account and Linkedin profile. Once these social networking accounts are created there is no management of them needed as everything syncs. Meaning when you post content to your personal blog it automatically appears on your 3 social networking accounts. Through a simple personal blog you can enhance your personal brand which will grow your online audience and allow you to better connect with your followers and subscribers.

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