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Activate with Lee Woodward

A better, simpler way to onboard & upskill your salespeople

How many times have you employed someone only to have them leave after discovering the job is not what they thought it would be?

Or you’ve had to let them go when they’re still counter-productive six months down the track?

The number one challenge in the business of real estate is finding and onboarding good people.

It takes precious time and resources to select the right person and train them before they are ready to start listing and achieving the numbers you need.

How can you be sure if a career in real estate sales suits the person you employ?

And once you’ve given them a job, how do you train them to be work ready and dollar-productive so they can hit the ground running on their own?

The answer is training that…

1. Allows the participant to decide if they have what it takes to commit to a career in real estate, and 2. Provides new recruits with the skills to do what you most need them to do from day 1 – generate future business.

ACTIVATE fulfills those objectives while simultaneously catering for existing salespeople as refresher training.

Being self-paced, ACTIVATE will help you with the onboarding process so you can focus on running your business, knowing you are bringing the best people on board.


Proudly supported by and the REIQ, ACTIVATE is a self-paced digital course designed to kick start a new recruit’s career in real estate sales or reinvigorate an existing sales agent’s numbers.

Created by Australia’s leading real estate trainer and systems designer, Lee Woodward and featuring industry leader, Dane Atherton and other real estate greats, ACTIVATE offers a solid introduction for anyone looking to undertake a successful career in real estate sales.

As a principal, sales manager or team leader, we understand how important it is to have the right people working with you. ACTIVATE will give you peace of mind knowing you have a work ready, fully committed leverage agent on your team, while helping you identify participants who are not suited for the role or your agency.

ACTIVATE can be undertaken at a participant’s own pace. The program takes them through the realistic journey of a new starter, providing a comprehensive insight into what it takes to achieve a sustainable real estate sales career and what is expected of them at a company level.

Focused on the ability to generate future business, the program provides participants with the vital skills and understanding required for successful prospecting, allowing them to hit the ground running with pipeline-generating activity from day one. For existing agents, the lessons learned will refresh their prospecting skills to get them back on track with their numbers.


• People considering a career in real estate sales, from school leavers to those seeking a career change • Existing real estate salespeople who wish to refresh and refine their knowledge and skills to reinvigorate their passion and results.


ACTIVATE covers all the essentials, including:

  • What to expect in the first 12 months (the real story, warts and all)
  • How prospecting adds value to the business and to an individual’s long-term career• The role of a professional leverage agent and the ‘Getting Professional Checklist’
  • How to embrace technology to help build quality relationships within the community
  • How to find new leads and why it’s important to escalate them to more experienced agents when still learning.


There are several benefits of putting your new agents through ACTIVATE. It will…

  • Help them decide if a career in real estate is for them before committing to the Certificate of Registration course
  • Spark their excitement and enthusiasm about the industry
  • Give them a complete picture of their role and responsibilities when they start in your agency
  • Fast-track their potential success by demonstrating what they need to know and do
  • Get them up-to-speed with recent industry changes (being digital, the program is always current)
  • Ensure they appreciate the whole sales process and understand why prospecting is an essential part of the sales role
  • Teach them the jargon and practical expertise they will need to be productive from day one
  • Guide them on the questions to ask when they start as well as who to go to and what resources to use for answers
  • Give you peace of mind knowing you have a work ready leverage agent on your sales team.


We all know that lead generation is the number one area in which agents fail, no matter how long they’ve been working in real estate.

In fact, in many cases, the longer they’ve been working in the industry the more they neglect their prospecting activities. As a result, their numbers suffer.

Completing ACTIVATE in their own time will remind them why prospecting for future business is the key to meeting their targets and maintaining a fulfilling real estate sales career.


As the program is online, all a participant needs is access to the Internet and a login. Being self-paced and flexible, they can complete the program in the office, at home or before they start work with you – whatever works for your business.

Participants can revisit the course (or parts thereof) as many times as they wish.


  • Lee Woodward’s latest book, How to Prospect for Future Business
  • A series of audio podcasts and videos covering relevant topics and featuring a range of notable industry guest speakers and presenters
  • Lee Woodward’s ‘Working In The Heat’ campaign template and multimedia demonstration

These resources combine to offer a comprehensive, practical understanding of the real estate sales process (with a focus on lead generation), while catering to different learning styles.


ACTIVATE includes approximately 10 hours of content and a 10-chapter book to read. It is a self-paced program but, as a guide, could be completed within a few days.


ACTIVATE is free of charge for students at high school who are interested in a career in real estate sales.

The investment to purchase ACTIVATE is $295 per person. This investment will allow your potential new recruits or existing staff full access to the program as you don’t have to be a Real Estate Academy member to invest in ACTIVATE.

For any questions or to invest in ACTIVATE for your team today, call Real Estate Academy on 1300 367 412.

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" is excited to support Real Estate Academy’s ACTIVATE program via Advantage.

Our Advantage program has supported over 30,000 real estate professionals in the past year through exclusive events, professional development opportunities, industry sponsorships and community grants. Advantage is the place for agents to be their best, and we see collaborating with Lee Woodward on ACTIVATE as an exciting start to a successful real estate career."

Steve Carroll, Director of Industry Relations


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