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How Property managers can create a point of difference in a competitive market

By Bradley Beer

Chief executive officer of BMT Tax Depreciation

As a Property Manager you need a large knowledge base to effectively manage a successful property portfolio. The ability to pass on relevant information to your clients about their investment properties adds value to your existing services.

Increasing your knowledge of tax depreciation improves your chances of winning over important property managements.

Property depreciation deductions make a significant difference to any investment property owner’s cash flow. Despite this, of all the deductions available to be claimed by investors, depreciation is the most often missed.

Every property investor can benefit from learning more about depreciation and discovering what deductions are available for them to claim.

‘New to Rent’, a valuable tool developed by BMT Tax Depreciation for Property Managers, provides you with complimentary depreciation estimates tailored for each rental property your agency lists. Each estimate is supplied to Property Managers via email or can be easily accessed at any time online via MyBMT.

These estimates highlight the difference depreciation can make to an investor’s cash flow and ultimately help industry professionals to establish a point of difference in today’s competitive property management industry.

For investors, being advised of the potential depreciation deductions they could be claiming is a valuable source of information, helping them to determine their after-tax cash position.

The 'New to rent' process is simple:

  1. Our depreciation experts will identify each rental property listed online
  2. The depreciation estimates for these properties will be emailed to the Property Manager
  3. The Property Manager can forward the estimate through to the owner, showing them the deductions they could be entitled to claim.

Interestingly, research conducted by BMT has uncovered that as many as eight out of ten property owners are not claiming full depreciation deductions where they are eligible to do so. On average, most property investors can claim between $5,000 and $10,000 in deductions in the first year for a residential property.

This is a great opportunity for Property Professionals to show their clients the extra funds that they can gain from investing in a depreciation schedule.

Peter, a Principal and Licensee from New South Wales with around 550 rental properties under his management, also believes that building a landlord’s trust is the way to bring negotiations over the line. Showing them the most effective way to maximise their investment is crucial.

“By discussing ways to maximise cash flows from the property, other than just helping them achieve the best rent, you can create customers for life from the savings they receive.

“It can also make you look like a much more professional and well-rounded outfit, and shows you care about ensuring your clients receive the best possible financial outcome,” said Peter.

Take advantage of this free service today. Sign up at or call 1300 268 277 and speak to an expert from BMT.

This feature is also available through MyBMT. To register simply visit

Article provided by BMT Tax Depreciation. Bradley Beer (B. Con. Mgt, AAIQS, MRICS, AVAA) is the Chief Executive Officer of BMT Tax Depreciation. Please contact 1300 728 726 or visit for an Australia wide service.


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